Thursday, June 2, 2011

Goodbye Seattle

This is the third part of a three-part series on my recent trip to Seattle. Check out Part One and Part Two.

On Thursday, May 26th, I woke up around noon. After a light breakfast, I went for a refreshing workout at the rooftop fitness center in Jordon's temporary apartment building. I had been enjoying a few more desserts and beverages than usual lately, and it felt good to burn off some extra Calories.

When I returned to the apartment Kate told me that Jordon was out at Pike Place Market again. I showered, grabbed a quick snack, and headed out to meet him.

Seattle's street grid is pretty easy to navigate, and I already knew how to find Pike Place, so I took my time and enjoyed the walk. One hears that Seattle is perpetually windy and rainy,

but today was pleasantly calm and sunny. I meandered down the hilly streets toward the Market, snacking on yummy gouda cheese, local artisan bread, and a fresh peach I had bought the day before.

Jordon and I met at the apparently famous Fish Market, where we observed the apparently famous process of someone ordering a whole fish to be wrapped up: A man in fisherman's rubber boots and overalls (known as 'waders') lifted a large beheaded fish, and began chanting with his fellow fishmongers. He hurled the beast through the air, and a man behind the counter deftly caught it with a large sheet of thick paper. I clapped with the rest of the crowd, somewhere between nauseated and amused.

After exploring the Market some more, we opted for a fish-free lunch at a small Indian food stand. On our way back to the apartment, Jordon snapped the obligatory picture of me in front of the original Starbucks.

Notice Mr. Creeper on the left, totally checking me out…haha

That night chez Jordon, we sat around talking and joking about everything at once, and nothing in particular. Jordon and Kate went on Yelp and reviewed some of the restaurants we'd been to, and I caught up with my friends back in Albany.

Our friend Mark had invited me out again, and although it was getting late, I'd so enjoyed the previous night's dancing that I decided to go. Tonight's club was hosting 80s night, and although I wasn't very familiar with the music (which apparently makes me a culturally deprived gay man), I really enjoyed the beat.

Returning to Jordon's before too late, I showered, packed up, and slept a few hours before my late morning flight.

Friday morning, Jordon walked me to the train station. We said our goodbyes and see-you-soons, and I began my long journey back home.

It was a wonderful trip with many enjoyable experiences. The only thing I regret is that I didn't make it to the Space Needle (although I was very close to it on several occasions). I'm sure I'll hit it next time—there will certainly be a next time!


  1. Sounds like an amazing trip! I can't wait to go back to Seattle and visit some of the places you did! Have a great trip to Spain. I think you may be on your way now? Anyway, talk to you soon, and keep this blog updated with all the juice! Miss you, Randeth! :-)

  2. Thanks, Rinseth! I'm mostly packed, and my flight leaves at 5PM, so I've got a little while to hang out and relax. It'll be nice - packing has been a bit stressful. Miss you too! :)