Monday, May 30, 2011

Hello Seattle

This is the first part of a three-part series on my recent trip to Seattle. Parts two and three coming soon!

My friend and old college roommate Jordon recently moved to Seattle to work for Amazon. (Quite recently, in fact—one week ago as of today!) I'd only seen him once since I moved to Albany in December, and I was excited to help him 'seattle' into his new home. Our Russian friend Kate was also in Seattle, and I was anxious to see her as well.

Jordon, Kate, and I met in 2009, at the Summer Esperanto Study in Slovakia. I would tell you to 'Czech' out Jordon's detailed account of our travels (including meeting Kate at SES), but as of 1993, Czech Republic and Slovkia are separate countries. Alas…

Aaanyway, back to my trip to Seattle. I decided to go rather spontaneously—about a week before I planned to leave—so it was tough to find a reasonable fare. Kayak was a helpful site, and I managed to find something decent after scouring many major airlines' websites.

I left Albany on Tuesday, May 24 at 6:30AM, Albany time, and arrived in Seattle at 11:00AM, Seattle time. 7½ hours in total, so not too bad. Jordon met me at the airport, and we took a train back to his temporary apartment. It was a comfortable one-bedroom with a cozy living room, a full kitchen, and the feel of a fancy hotel suite.

After I showered and relaxed a bit, the three of us set out to explore. For $59, the Seattle CityPass got us into six major Seattle attractions. We each picked up a pass, and started with a scenic boat ride around Elliot Bay, which included a nice view of the Seattle skyline and Mount Rainier.

After the boat ride, we made our way to Pike Place Market, where we bought some fresh local produce, among other things.

Jordon had two appointments later to check out potential apartments, and Kate and I planned to join him. But first, we stopped in a grassy seaside park for some group photos. Many of them were quite silly, but we got a few nice ones, too.

After apartment-hunting, we had dinner with our friend Mark who also recently moved to Seattle, now working for Microsoft. Four friends from four different places—Mark, from Central Florida; Jordon, from South Florida; Andy, from Albany, New York; and Kate, from St. Petersburg, Russia—all met only a few years ago, and now gathered in a new place, enjoying time together.

Exhausted from the day's activities, we made our way home and went to sleep for the night.

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