Monday, March 8, 2010

New Blog!

Hi everyone,

So, I've decided to start a blog! I'm not sure what I'll end up writing, but with a title like "Seek The Sooth," there's bound to be some awesome stuff here. I'll probably make an "About Me" section soon, but here's some background info for now.

I'm in my third year at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida, USA, studying Mathematics and Linguistics. I really like learning languages. English is my first language, I learned Spanish in school, and I've studied Esperanto for a few years. I hope to learn French soon, and then hopefully something a bit more distant from English.

This summer, I'm hoping to spend some time in Madrid, Spain, taking a few classes in Spanish. I'm thinking this blog might be a good place to document my trip.

Well, thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoy reading it.

P.S. Thanks to Jordon Kalilich for helping me set this up!
Vidu tiun ĉi blogaĵon en Esepranto.